Why Google Ads?

Today Google has become a lot more than just a search engine. It provides a broader range of audiences who are looking for solutions to their problems hence giving the brands an advantage to reach the potential customers directly at the very moment when they are seeking a solution.

The brand will get plenty of consideration and gradually aware the audience about their brand. It essentially works on PPC and you will be charged whenever a customer clicks on your ad. This gives a great dynamic to the advertising in terms of consideration and trust building.

Reach to a broader audience

By placing bids on broad keyword search terms, we can reach potential customers who are just starting their product research process. Grabbing the top position of SERP and capturing the customers with an interactive landing page and sending them informative content to improve the brand’s fidelity. And if they don’t convert then we can retarget them to drive back to our website. Conclusively we don’t want to lose the customer until the very end moment.

Harness customers intent

Audiences on search engines and on social media are very different in terms of their intent and our team understands this primary difference very well hence creating campaigns accordingly. For instance, people on the search engines are looking for answers to their questions and by running ads we provide them with the best solution while on social media people are willing to watch reels and see vacation destinations thus it is necessary to understand their intent and showcase the business respectively.


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